Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stretch Hummer

Well, I started this post a week ago hoping I would have some pictures to post with it, but alas people have not sent any to me yet.

The night started off like any other Bethel evening. Eric and I were having supper with Greg and Amy, some of our friends here. About 8:30 pm, Amy gets a call from someone asking her if she could do something. Amy explains that she has company and hangs up. Well, I find out that the someone happens to be Andy (one of the high school science teachers) that we both know and she invited Amy to a 40th birthday party for one of the high school teachers. I was actually invited to this party too but told Andy that I couldn't make it because I already had plans.

Apparently a bunch of her closest friends (not Amy & I, we're just friends) splurged to get her a ride in the Hummer Stretch Limo that Bethel has recently acquired. For those of you that know Bethel, you are probably thinking, "what, Bethel of all places has a limo?". Oh we don't just have 1 limo, we have 2. We have a regular Cady limo and then the Hummer.

Okay, back to the story - Amy and I were debating if we wanted to go into town for the party when about 9:30 pm we get a knock on the door. As Amy opened the door, we see the Hummer limo outside. I guess the limo was a little late and was trying to make it up to the birthday girl. Since the birthday girl actually only lives 2 houses down from where Eric and I live we decided to go and have some fun.

The hummer has seating on one side and in the back and comfortably fits 8 people and you could probably squeeze in another 2. The other side of the limo has a "counter" with spots to stick bottles and hold glasses. Of course, since Bethel is a damp town the limo company has decided that there will be no alcohol in the vehicles. And since Bethel can get a bit muddy, everyone has to take off their shoes before they hop into the limo. All shoes are corraled into a rubbermaid tub and given back when you get out of the vehicle.

We got to go through town listening to the awesome cd/music system while strobe type lights were flashing all over. Once we got to the party location (the b-day girl's house) we had some champagne to toast and then they had a bunch of smoke oysters (about 20 lbs worth!). Amy and I partied until about midnight, but a few of the die-hards partied until 2 am.

So, that was my first real experience in a limo and it happened in Bethel of all places.

ps - once I get pictures (if) I'll try to post a few

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