Saturday, May 29, 2010

David Green Master Furrier

While in the big city, we also stopped at David Green, Master Furrier, again.  Eric's been talking about having a beaver fur coat made for me, so we wanted to stop and see how many beaver Eric would need and the cost.  Talk about a fur lovers dream!  That store is so awesome and you only see a little portion of it on the showroom floor.  The lady answering our questions showed us the vault!  Yes, the vault o' furs.  Oh my WOW!  I fell in love with a little v-neck jacket made of goat and chinchilla.  Gorgeous gray body and beautiful gray/white/black collar and cuffs. This is the general design of the jacket.   The next picture shows the correct coloring and length.  Just imagine that color with a v-neck collar.  Ya gettin' the picture?

It looked so exquisite hanging there just asking me to try it on.  Good thing I decided to look at the price before trying it on.  Anyone want to try to guess the price?!?!?!?!?  Only a measly $15,000.  Yep, that's right.  I DID NOT add too many zeros or forgot a decimal point.

So, needless to say I won't be getting that item of fur.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Alaska Zoo

Earlier this month, Eric and I ended up going into Anchorage for a few days.  We had the chance to go to the Anchorage Zoo.  They have some pretty cool animals there that they don't normally have in zoos.  We also don't have some of the normal zoo animals (monkeys)!

The first picture here is the sleepy brown bear.  It just happened to roll over and "pose" for this picture.
Next we have a Dall Sheep.  I just had to take this picture.  It cracks me up every time I see it.  Look at that goofy looking "smile" on his face.
This next picture are the famous Musk Ox.  These guys are not very tall.  Maybe 4'.  They are cool though! 
Here is a polar bear.  Not sure if it's male or female.  It was restless in the enclosure.  Kept walking up to the white fence and tossing its' head back then walking around going back to the fence and repeating this habit. 
This next animal is only found in Alaska.  It is a Sitka Deer.  It sure was a pretty little guy.  
This pretty little kitty is a snow leopard.  I'm not sure how they keep it cool during the summer.  The like alot of snow, hence the name.  It was also restless like the polar bear.
This guy would not stand still for a picture.  I think the only time it stopped moving is when it had to pee!  It was fun to see him run around the cage.  This is a wolverine.  Pretty cool, but not as pretty as Eric's though! 
Finally, I think this is probably the mandatory photo that a lot of people have to take when they are at the zoo!  That was our trip to the Alaska Zoo.  I hope you have enjoyed your/our journey.

Eric's 2010 Bear Hunt

Well, I suppose I should put pictures up since it has been almost a month since he went out on the hunt!  He had a successful hunt that last about 10 days.  This bear was bigger than last years.  Huge claws on him.  He also had a really large head!
Since the weather wasn't being too cooperative when Eric was trying to get back to Bethel, he had a few days (3) to sit and wait.  So, what do you do when you get bored waiting for the airplane to come pick you up?  You build a snowman!  I had to laugh when I saw these pictures.  I figured you must be pretty bored to build a snowman while you wait.  Then I started thinking about that Tom Hanks movie were he takes the volleyball and makes it into "Wilson".

I was thinking that this snowman must have taken awhile to build, then I saw the next picture and just about died laughing.  Apparently it was only about a foot tall.
Well, that was Eric's hunt in a nutshell.  I'll have another post soon about our early May trip to Anchorage.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of those mom's out their, especially mine and the mother-in-law! The first is the card I made for my mom.  The second was made for Eric's mom.  The one I made for my mom is suppose to be a shadow box type look to it with the green frame popped out from the base.  Didn't turn out quite like the sample I followed but it's still cool because it's different.

The following pictures are from when our stamping group got together last weekend.  These are some bookmarks that one of the ladies made and then there is the picture of our table.