Sunday, January 25, 2009

Earthquakes, Computer Withdrawl and other ramblings

Oh, man! I missed the earthquake! There was an earthquake yesterday about 120 miles from Anchorage, but it was felt there. A 5.7 on the Richter. If only we had gone to Anchorage this last week instead of the week before.

I need to get 2 days with of computer usage in in the next 6 hours. Eric will be confiscating the computer so he has something to do while he goes in to sit for a cow musk ox tag. He'll have the truck and the computer. Guess I'm really stuck at home unless I want to spend $6 on a cab ride (one way). I went to the store and bought him some goodies for sitting in the truck. He said I could actually have some of the quviet from this musk ox!!!!! I'm excited about that.

On another note, while I was in town buying groceries I had to return a movie that we rented yesterday. I was just going to pull up real quick, run the movie in and leave. I pull up into a spot that everyone pulls up into and this older gentlemen (60/70 something), comes up to me and says you can't park here. I told him I was just going to run a movie in and he's like "this is a fire lane only!" First of all, I don't know why it's considered a fire lane, because a fire truck CAN NOT get through. Second of all, people do it all the time! Someone just pulled out right before me. So to make the guy happy, I told him "thank you for reminding me" and then went to park half way down the parking lot to return the movie. No sooner than I had left though, someone else pulled up in the same spot and ran into the movie place! Okay, I know it was wrong, but everyone does it. How did I get so lucky as to be the one confronted. I felt so guilty afterwards :(

Okay, I better get this wrapped up because I want to get it posted soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!!!!

The last 7 days have been interesting to say the least. We made it to Anchorage without a problem, but things got interesting really fast on Tuesday morning! We woke up about 6:30 (Eric had to be at his seminar by 8:00). As we listened to the radio we realized that there had been some freezing rain going on early Tuesday morning (1-2 am). The schools had been cancelled, they weren't running the city buses, even the Air Force base was running late. Good thing Wal-mart was right next door to the hotel we were staying at. It's been a long time since I've been in a Wal-mart!!!!! I was also trying to contact the lady I work with that was in the hospital with her son (I had a laptop to deliver to her, see a few of the previous posts). Since the roads were better Tuesday afternoon (temps warmed up to 47!), Eric and I decided to do a little shopping. Wednesday morning was much of the same. Not as icy, but still icy enough. I was planning on taking the city buses to one of the other malls, but they weren't running again! So I went to the mall that was right next to the hotel. Prime hotel spot isn't it???!!!! The have an Old Navy and a Gap. Wednesday afternoon Eric and I did more shopping. Thursday morning we had a break through! The buses started running at 9 am and I was able to get to the mall I had been trying to get to all week! The have a "big" Joanns store!!!!!! I had fun, but it took be almost 90 minutes to get there, so I did have very much time to shop, but it was enough. Look at my "craft" bounty from my trip. This includes stuff from both Joanns and Michaels. The first is a general picture of everything. The second is the yarn, ribbon and buttons. The third picture is one of my favorites. These are the $1 stamps that both Joanns and Michaels have. I love the $1 spot!!!!!!

The bummer of the trip is that Anchorage just opened (back in October) a Target. The first for the state. I wanted so bad to go to Target, but it is located way out by the base and unfortunately those roads were never really great enough were I felt comfortable travelling them. The buses were also not running that far out of town on Thursday. We got back to Bethel on Friday night on one of the few flights that had left in the past 3 days.

The weather was bad enough to cause problems for the K300, Bethels Dog Sled Race. They were suppose to start on Friday, but because of the warming weather and rain, there was too many "swimming" holes. They didn't want a repeat of last years race. Luckily on Friday night we had a cooling wave with high winds come through to help refreeze what had thawed. We had temperatures drop into the teens and winds of 50+ mph and gusts past 70 mph. They finally got things going Sunday afternoon at noon and they cut out the last leg of the race. Racers are already on their way back to Bethel. They should be coming in early tomorrow morning.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big City

Tomorrow Eric and I leave for Anchorage on the afternoon flight. I'm so excited to get to do some shopping. About this time of year you really need to get out of Bethel for your own sanity. I get to go to Michaels, Joanns, Walmart, Target.......I'm so excited. I'm going to take the camera with, but I don't know how many pictures I'll take. I'll post again when I get back.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Finished Sweater (almost)

Well, since it's been extrememly cold out (we haven't been about -10 in about 10 days) I decided I needed to do some crocheting! I got my box of yarn in the mail on Wednesday and finished the sweater last night. Okay, it's almost finished. I don't have any buttons for it yet, but I'm hoping to find some in Anchorage next week. I made it in a size medium, but I think it's too big. I'm going to make another in a different color, but in a small. The first one shows the neck down and the second shows the neck up but with no buttons.
I'm really liking this pattern and I think I'm going to enjoy making it again. I love how it's crocheted, but doesn't look crocheted. What do you all think??????

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tis the season to be Crafty

Okay, the "season" may be over, but I just realized that I forgot to show you all the treats I made for people at work for Christmas.

These were so easy to make. All you do is take a white CD sleeve and do a little stamping! I added some patterned paper into the envelope for a decorative background. I made just plain old sugar cookies for the final touch. I tried to make some candy cane type cookie, but they failed miserably.

Here's another card that I made yesterday. I decided that I was going to start trying to do some of Kristina Werners Card Color Challenges. This challenge was to use SU (stampin' up) Rose Red, Pretty in Pink, Old Olive and Whisper White.

I think I'll be enjoying working on cards like this. I like being "told" what colors to use. Makes it a little easier to decide.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

I know New Year's was a few days ago, but nothing really exciting has been happening here. We are enjoying th new year with extrememly cold temperatures. Right now as I type, it is -27 with wind chills around -57. It's been cold like this for the past few days. There hasn't been any more good news on Skyler, the kid that was shot I guess they have tried a few times to take him off life support, but his lungs keep on filling up with fluid.

I've been enjoying my time off, doing pretty much nothing! You would think now would be the perfect time to get a few things done, but it's been so relaxing NOT doing anything. I do the typical Cinderella duties (cooking, laundry, cleaning) but that's about it. I need to take a few tips from Cinderella on how to do the deep cleaning :) I've also been doing a little crocheting. I'm working on a sweater from one of my latest Crochet Today magazines. I'm just waiting for more yarn to come in the mail so I can finish it.

I'm using close to the same color. It's an intermediate pattern, but I don't think it's too difficult. Once I get it done, I'll make sure I post some pics.