Tuesday, February 08, 2011

alive and kickin'

Has it really been two months since I last posted?  I really don't have an excuse.  It's just easier to keep up with life on Facebook than here.

So much has happened recently.  One month ago, we became the brand new owners of a 7.5 acreage.  We have a decent house, a great shop for the hubby, a few little sheds/outbuildings so we can raise some animals and a greenhouse.  You know sometimes when you move into a new places it takes a while to get use to how things are set up, etc.  Not this place!  Since we moved in, the house has felt like home.  Even on the first couple of days before our belongings got delivered.  This house wasn't the "oh wow, I have to have it!", house when we first looked at it, but apparently it was "the one".  We love the feeling of being able to get outside and not having to worry about if the neighbors are watching you.  We are surrounded by lots of trees......too many actually :(  Well only too many to get Direct TV or Dish Network.  Guess we will just have to work with the pre-attached antenna that is on the house.  Luckily with the digital flat screens we are able to get the local stations.  Nothing like 4 PBS stations to get your daily fix of public broadcasting!!!!


That "box" you see just off the left side of the house is actually a hottub, which is currently full and running.   I've been too chicken to give it a try though because our daytime temperatures haven't gotten over 10 since we've moved in and have been more like -5 to -10.  Maybe once March hits and temps start to warm up I'll brave the conditions and give it a try.  Anybody is more than welcome to come visit and give it a try if they like though!!!!!  We have a spare bedroom that we are willing to put you up in!  Once we get a little more settled (or at least a few more boxes out of the way and picked up off the floor) I'll go around and take a few more pictures to show you all what the inside of the house looks like and some of the renovations that we are planning on trying to do!

Along with the property, we have been honored with the presences of a few moose.  The first moose that graced our humble abode woke us up at 5:30 AM as they trampled by the house.  This was a mom and last years' calf.  Scared the living daylights out of our cat Chubbs!  Our big, bad, not afraid of anything cat is afraid of moose.  The cat that stares down dogs and traps them in a corner.  A few days later, Chubbs started acting all weird.  He didn't know what to do and then took off to hide.  I had a feeling that there was something close by and I was right!  This gal was within feet of the house.  The table and tiki torches are only about 4-6 feet from the house.