Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Sun will come out Tomorrow

Well, we can always hope can't we. This past weekend has been nothing but rain!!! From light sprinkles to down right pouring we had it all! Actually it's been kinda dreary for the past week.

As of this past Friday I am officially off work. We accidentally overran our budget by a few thousand so I am required to take some extra time off. That's okay though because I was running out of things to do. I've spent the last couple of days doing some wedding things and of course some fun things. We finally figured out Eric's wedding ring. Yeah I know we waited til the last minute but those of you that know Eric knows that he has a tendency to procrastinate on things. Here's a general picture of what the ring will look like. Replace the turquoise with onyx and the gold with white gold and you got yourself the ring.
We are slowly getting RSVPs back. Those of you that haven't sent them yet (you know who you are) please do so.

Well, I'll write a little more later ~ Amy