Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Crochet Project

Well, I finished another afghan about 2 weeks ago and am finally getting around to posting a picture of it. I am now almost finished with the afghans that I needed to make. I have one left and this has been the toughest one yet to come up with some type of design. It's for my new little nephew. My sister has not been very helpful coming up with a design. So sis, since I know you will be reading this, got any ideas for me?????

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belated Birthday

Well, my birthday has come and gone for another year (it was on Mother's Day). I wanted to share with you a great present that one of the girls I work with put together for me. She went around collecting 'well wishes' one the little cards she put inside of the jar. I thought it was a great birthday present from the people at work. Now I really need to come up with something great for her birthday here next week!!!!! Any suggestions big sis????

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goldilocks has got a bear!

Okay, Eric actually got the bear and my hair isn't as blonde (hence Goldilocks) as it used to be, but I've wanted him to get one since we moved up here.Look at this beauty! It measured 8 ft tall (okay, I was just informed that it is 8 ft from nose to tail, if it stood straight up it would be about 10 ft). The head is huge and so are the paws. The claws are longer than my fingers. Check out Eric holding one of the paws.
Eric has been thinking about how he wants to mount the hide. He was originally thinking of doing a hanging rug, but also thought a full body would be cool too (on all fours not standing). Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and mother-in-law. I sent them cards earlier in the week and hopefully they have gotten them by now. I have been wanted to post a picture of the cards I made, but wanted to make sure they got them in the mail first before I posted them here. Well, I'm not waiting any more. Drum roll please.........................................................
It was hard to get a decent shot of the cards because there is glitter on the petals and leaves and it isn't showing up as glittery as they really are. Here's a link and here too that I found the idea from. If you want the directions on how to make them follow this link. I hope all the mothers out there reading this are having (or had) a great mothers day.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

So, late in the afternoon on Wednesday, the campus director came to my office and asked me what I was doing the next couple of nights (the first thought that came to my mind was that she needed a babysitter for her boys. Don't ask me why that came to mind, but it did.) She said that she forgot that it was Teacher Appreciation week and was wondering if I could make cards for the faculty.

I said "Sure, how many?"
"Oh about 30 of them" she replied.

Good thing I had two nights to make them. I told her if she got my the sayings she wanted on them I would get to work. Well, she turned that job over to the Assistant Director, who was too busy to get anything to me on Wednesday evening. I didn' want to start a card until I knew how long the saying would be. Well, I finally got something on Thursday. I spend from about 6:30 - 11:00 pm making 34 cards. I was lucky I found something that was simple, but looked nice. I was able to use up alot of my papers from my stamping group. Here's just one of the cards and then a picture of the pile of cards. No two cards were the same (okay, maybe one or two were the same, but I think there were 30 different paper combos!)
Well, I'm off to do some more card making or maybe a little crocheting. I still have to finish the basketball blanket. I'm done with the base, but I need to decide what type of border is going around it.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hello Spring? Are you out there???

Well, I hope you all in the lower 48 are enjoying your spring weather. Currently at 10:00 pm we are at a cool 34 degrees. Spring has been trying to show it's wonderful self, but winter just doesn't want to leave yet! The light is coming fast gaining more than 5 minutes a day. Sun rises about 6:00 am and sets about 11:30 pm. This past weekend we had temperatures in the high 50, low 60s. I don't even think we hit 40 today. We have had some flooding upriver about 150 miles working its way down. The river isn't quite ready to go yet, but the warmer weather this past weekend has loosened some of the upriver ice. Reports are that there are ice chunks as big as cars and houses.

In other news, Eric is currently out grizzly huntin'. He left on Saturday with a buddy to go looking for grizzly bears. They are only about 70 miles from here, but they had to fly into their dropoff site. I'm hoping he comes back with a 9 footer! That would be awesome. Mount that sucker full body, cool!!!!

I have some pictures of the mother's day cards I'm sending out, but I can't post them yet because I think a mom or two checks this thing out. I'll post them either this weekend or early next week. Well, I'm going to start getting ready for bed. Talk with you all later.