Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goldilocks has got a bear!

Okay, Eric actually got the bear and my hair isn't as blonde (hence Goldilocks) as it used to be, but I've wanted him to get one since we moved up here.Look at this beauty! It measured 8 ft tall (okay, I was just informed that it is 8 ft from nose to tail, if it stood straight up it would be about 10 ft). The head is huge and so are the paws. The claws are longer than my fingers. Check out Eric holding one of the paws.
Eric has been thinking about how he wants to mount the hide. He was originally thinking of doing a hanging rug, but also thought a full body would be cool too (on all fours not standing). Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


Leath said...

Holy $#*% - that is awesome! I would say that is definitely the Papa Bear! Tell Eric congrats!

Sarah said...

My vote, not that I get one, is mount it in the full upright position. He'll take up too much space on all fours and as cool as a rug would be, you wouldn't get the same impact. Very cool no matter what. Way to go Eric and what a great birthday present for
Amy! Love you guys and glad that bear didn't kill Eric first.
You Sister Sarah.

Raquel said...

wowza! I agree with Sarah and say mount it upright. You would need it's own bedroom if you did it on all fours-although it could turn into a comfy chair I suppose:)Oh and by the way Eric is soooo nuts to be out hunting something that big;)

Karen said...

Go for the full mount. you allready have the mini rug.