Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hello Spring? Are you out there???

Well, I hope you all in the lower 48 are enjoying your spring weather. Currently at 10:00 pm we are at a cool 34 degrees. Spring has been trying to show it's wonderful self, but winter just doesn't want to leave yet! The light is coming fast gaining more than 5 minutes a day. Sun rises about 6:00 am and sets about 11:30 pm. This past weekend we had temperatures in the high 50, low 60s. I don't even think we hit 40 today. We have had some flooding upriver about 150 miles working its way down. The river isn't quite ready to go yet, but the warmer weather this past weekend has loosened some of the upriver ice. Reports are that there are ice chunks as big as cars and houses.

In other news, Eric is currently out grizzly huntin'. He left on Saturday with a buddy to go looking for grizzly bears. They are only about 70 miles from here, but they had to fly into their dropoff site. I'm hoping he comes back with a 9 footer! That would be awesome. Mount that sucker full body, cool!!!!

I have some pictures of the mother's day cards I'm sending out, but I can't post them yet because I think a mom or two checks this thing out. I'll post them either this weekend or early next week. Well, I'm going to start getting ready for bed. Talk with you all later.

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