Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

I know New Year's was a few days ago, but nothing really exciting has been happening here. We are enjoying th new year with extrememly cold temperatures. Right now as I type, it is -27 with wind chills around -57. It's been cold like this for the past few days. There hasn't been any more good news on Skyler, the kid that was shot I guess they have tried a few times to take him off life support, but his lungs keep on filling up with fluid.

I've been enjoying my time off, doing pretty much nothing! You would think now would be the perfect time to get a few things done, but it's been so relaxing NOT doing anything. I do the typical Cinderella duties (cooking, laundry, cleaning) but that's about it. I need to take a few tips from Cinderella on how to do the deep cleaning :) I've also been doing a little crocheting. I'm working on a sweater from one of my latest Crochet Today magazines. I'm just waiting for more yarn to come in the mail so I can finish it.

I'm using close to the same color. It's an intermediate pattern, but I don't think it's too difficult. Once I get it done, I'll make sure I post some pics.

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