Sunday, January 25, 2009

Earthquakes, Computer Withdrawl and other ramblings

Oh, man! I missed the earthquake! There was an earthquake yesterday about 120 miles from Anchorage, but it was felt there. A 5.7 on the Richter. If only we had gone to Anchorage this last week instead of the week before.

I need to get 2 days with of computer usage in in the next 6 hours. Eric will be confiscating the computer so he has something to do while he goes in to sit for a cow musk ox tag. He'll have the truck and the computer. Guess I'm really stuck at home unless I want to spend $6 on a cab ride (one way). I went to the store and bought him some goodies for sitting in the truck. He said I could actually have some of the quviet from this musk ox!!!!! I'm excited about that.

On another note, while I was in town buying groceries I had to return a movie that we rented yesterday. I was just going to pull up real quick, run the movie in and leave. I pull up into a spot that everyone pulls up into and this older gentlemen (60/70 something), comes up to me and says you can't park here. I told him I was just going to run a movie in and he's like "this is a fire lane only!" First of all, I don't know why it's considered a fire lane, because a fire truck CAN NOT get through. Second of all, people do it all the time! Someone just pulled out right before me. So to make the guy happy, I told him "thank you for reminding me" and then went to park half way down the parking lot to return the movie. No sooner than I had left though, someone else pulled up in the same spot and ran into the movie place! Okay, I know it was wrong, but everyone does it. How did I get so lucky as to be the one confronted. I felt so guilty afterwards :(

Okay, I better get this wrapped up because I want to get it posted soon.

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