Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eric's 2010 Bear Hunt

Well, I suppose I should put pictures up since it has been almost a month since he went out on the hunt!  He had a successful hunt that last about 10 days.  This bear was bigger than last years.  Huge claws on him.  He also had a really large head!
Since the weather wasn't being too cooperative when Eric was trying to get back to Bethel, he had a few days (3) to sit and wait.  So, what do you do when you get bored waiting for the airplane to come pick you up?  You build a snowman!  I had to laugh when I saw these pictures.  I figured you must be pretty bored to build a snowman while you wait.  Then I started thinking about that Tom Hanks movie were he takes the volleyball and makes it into "Wilson".

I was thinking that this snowman must have taken awhile to build, then I saw the next picture and just about died laughing.  Apparently it was only about a foot tall.
Well, that was Eric's hunt in a nutshell.  I'll have another post soon about our early May trip to Anchorage.

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Leath said...

I showed Brady the picture of the bear and he said "beeeeg bear!" I have to agree... that is a big bear! Tell Eric congrats!