Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!
We had a pretty good halloween up here. At work we always have a halloween party. A good portion of the faculty, staff and students dress up. Here is a picture of me as Wilma Flintstone with one of our Financial Aid coordinators as a punk rocker. She wanted to go for the spiky hair look, but couldn't get it to stand.

This picture is of our other Financial Aid coordinators. She came dressed as a tornado. She used her kids toys with pins and thread to hold them on. She also did a great job of getting her hair to go straight up.

And finally here is a picture of our Campus Director sitting on our Wellness Coordinator who was dressed as a Whoopie Cushion. She had a little can of noise putty that she would play around with.
All of my hard work must have paid off on the costume. I ended up tying for Most Creative costume as voted by Employees and students. I ended up tying with Jaclyn the Tornado.
When we got home from work, I got all the candy ready for all the trick or treaters. Yeah, I guess you don't get too many trick or treaters when the High School has there carnival on the same night. Something I will never understand though is the trick or treaters that come out after 10 pm. We had the doorbell ring at 10:10, 10:30 and 11:00 pm. Needless to say, we didn't answer them. So that was my Halloween, how was yours?

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Sandiana Jones said...

Great Costume Amy! I love it. Halloween was great here, but not as many trick or game was going on so everyone was there. Hey we're thinking of going to Alaska in Aug. This year maybe we can meet up some how. Hope you're both doing well
-Sandy and Brett