Sunday, November 09, 2008

Friends of the NRA

Bethel had their annual Friends of the NRA banquest last night. For those of you that don't know NRA states for the National Rifle Association. Eric and went with another couple. We got to hear about some of the things that the Friends of the NRA are doing in Alaska. Sponsoring shooting programs and such. FNRA has sponsored a few of the programs that we had Olympic winners in. We had a young lady from Valdez that won a silver medal at the Junior Olympics in shooting. Also at the Bejing Olympics we had an Alaskan women take home the bronze medal. She also benefited from some the of FNRA monies. It's good hearing that the money goes to support programs like this. Way to go WOMEN!

Now back to Eric and I. We didn't win any guns :( We bid on a few things in the auctions, but stuff went pretty high. It was mostly going to get out of the house and talk to people you know. Eric was the only person from his office to go. There were a few people from the College, maybe 6 of us. I wish more people would get involved with events like this, especially since gun accidents are a major cause of alot of emergency room visits. There was just 2 boys up in Little Diomede, which is an island really close to Russia, that were playing around with guns. It was loaded and one accidently shot another and he died. We always hear about the bad things like this, but we never hear about good things. Good things which are actually because of programs like the Eddie the Safety Eagle program that the FNRA does. A girl up in Aniak (a village upriver from us) had spotted a loaded gun of some sort somewhere and called the State Troopers to let them know. This was directly because of the the FNRA program.

Anyways, that was my Saturday evening. I'll write more later!

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