Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

Well, today is Eric's birthday. His mom sent us a wonderful present..... Pizza Corner pizza!!!! This is one of the best pizza's there is in the midwest. It just so happens that there is a distributor in Anchorage and Eric's mom got in touch with them and had some shipped (as in cargo plane) to us!After we picked up the pizzas at the Cargo place we stopped at the post office and I hoped that my gift for Eric was in the mail. It was! For a few months now since his supervisor brought one with him to work, Eric has been wanting to get a SPOT Satellite Messenger.

This is actually a very practical gift for him because during the winter he likes to go out trapping on the snowmachine. He can send me email messages be to me to let me know he's okay. I was able to get a good price on this because I'm a certified Hunter Instructor. Plus, 10% of my purchase goes back to the IHEA (International Hunter Education Association). I also got a year of tracking (normally $50) for free. Yeah IHEA!!!!

Well, I better go check on the Angel Food cake that we are having as a birthday cake. Catch y'all later!

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Leath said...

Happy belated birthday to Eric! Hope it was a great one!