Thursday, October 09, 2008

Where did Fall go?

Well, I can say winter is finally here. Fall has decided it didn't want to stick around. Yesterday was the perfect fall day. The sun was out and shining bright. The trees still had some beautiful leaves on them and the temperatures were chilly but not too bad.

Fastfoward to this morning.......................

Temperatures hovering around 30 degress, but a nasty wind causing temps with windchill to be right around 8 degrees. Since it's dark here until about 9:30 am, you cannot tell what the weather is really doing outside unless you are standing in it. Once the sun came up we could tell that it wasn't going to be a pleasant day. It has been blowing snow all day. I don't think much has accumulated, but we cannot really tell because of the wind. I wish I had the camera here at work to show you. It's the type of snow that fall sideways, parallel to the ground.

I should have just stayed home this morning. On top of the blowing snow, they are still working on trying to get the siding done on the building before it gest too bad. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but since it was so cold this morning, they had to put their air compressor in the entry way that just so happens to be on the other side of the wall of my office. I was joking around with one of the workers and he said that it would only go off every 10 minutes or so. Well, at least it's not every 5! Since a few of these guys had started with the project when it started in July I got to know a few of them when my camps were gong on. Apparently they were joking around about putting the compressor because they knew I'd be getting the noise. Anywho, so every 10 minutes roughly I would hear the air compressor kick on to build back up the pressure. They about noon, since they had the air compressor where they did, it over loaded the breaker and it tripped. This just so happens to be the same breaker that my computer is plugged in to. After resetting the breaker, I thought we would have our (my) problems fixed. Boy was I wrong. They did decided to move the air compressor outside, but they are now working RIGHT outside my window! The scaffolding is literally 2 feet below my window and they are screwing in the siding right above my window. Although it has been quiet the past 30 minutes. Maybe they are gone for lunch. I can hope.

Anyways - I just wanted to let you all know that no matter how cold you are right now you could always be me!

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