Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quivet Smoke Ring

Well, there was a guy at work the other week selling some of his wife's home made items. One of the things he was selling was quivet smoke rings. I've wanted a quivet smoke ring since we moved here and I first saw them. Quivet is the underhairs of the muskox. This is what keeps them warm in the harsh Alaska/Canada winters. I finally decided to get one. Here's a picture of Eric's muskox with the smokering beside it.
Here's Chubbs modelling the smoke ring. I think he should become a professional kitty model. Look how he is sitting so proud with it. Actually we kinda had to bribe him. Eric was petting him until I was ready with the camera. When I was ready, he pulled his hand away causing Chubbs to look up at him. That's when I snapped the picture.Now here's me modelling the smokering. Quivet is suppose to be much warmer than wool be not even half as thick. I'll let you know here when it gets cold enough to wear it. Might not be too long the way the morning temperatures are going. It's been in the high 20s the past few mornings.

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Leath said...

Cody loved the picture of Chubbs! What a handsome kitty!