Friday, September 05, 2008

Two thousand and sixty-seven

What in the heck does this subject title mean you may be asking yourself. Well, that is the amount of the PFD checks this year. You heard me right Linda and Joe. The Permanent Dividend Fund checks this year are the highest they have ever been. Imagine that with the price of gas and companies making record profits, it only makes since that the PFD would be a record high too! Read all about the PFD in our own Anchorage Daily News. On top of this before Miss VP Palin went to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis she approved a $1,200 "resource rebate" to help cover some of the high cost of heating oil and electricity. And to top it all off, Eric and I are actually now eligible to receive this yearly payment. But there is a catch. You have to "apply" each year to be eligilbe to receive it. It doesn't automatically arrive to you just because you live here. I feel sorry for those that did not apply or forgot to apply. They won't even get the resource rebate. Sucks to be them! I guess it does "pay" to live up here!

For those of you who are interested in how this PFD was figured out, check out this PDF!

(That's alot of acronyms that sound too similar)


Raquel said...

I loved in that article how they encouraged you to give half of your money to your oldest sibling:) How thoughtful are they!?!?! You can have my name this Christmas!

Amy said...

Where did they say that Raquel??? I must have missed it!