Monday, September 29, 2008

Groceries are Here!

Well, the barge has arrived early and I went down to get the groceries. You would think $1000 in groceries would look like alot more. I'll show you a picture and let me know what you think????Here is the main stock. We have everything from papertowels to canned veggies to cereal to laundry detergant to kitty litter and food. I'm not exactly sure how much this would be down in the lower 48, but I'm sure it would be around the $600 range.Then of course, Eric needed to get some gardening soil for next summer. Here is what 15 bags of soil/fertilizer looks like in the back of the truck. We need the soil pretty bad up here. Our garden didn't do too well this year. This is what our garden yielded.

We had a few more peas and strawberries that were picked earlier this fall/summer maybe another 2 batches like this one. This was all the bigger the carrots got. We planted alot of them and weren't able to get to them to weed them out. Oops!

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