Monday, September 01, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day - sort of

So what did all of you do on your Labor Day? I spent the morning out on the tundra picking blueberries while Eric sighted in his rifle for his upcoming float trip. You can pretty much go anywhere on the tundra and find blueberries. For those of you that have no idea what tundra looks like, here is a picture of Alaskan Tundra. This is the view pretty much in all directions from the town.For all of those wonder what a blueberry patch may look like, here is a glimpse at one. If you squint your eyes just right you should be able to see some nice looking blueberries in the picture. For those you you that cannot see any, look at the next picture.Here is a close up of the blueberries. These are actually alot easier to see then most of the blueberries. You have to catch them in the light just right to see them. There was a patch that I though I got most of the berries from. I started walking away and turned around to check on something and saw a bunch of them that I missed.I'm not sure what type of plant this is, but I just love the reds and had to get a picture of it. Notice how the blueberry sticks out in this picture. One thing you might have noticed in the pictures is the coloring of the blueberries. The are actually really this light of a blue color while they are on the plant. Once you picture them though, they change color really fast.Here is our bounty of blueberries for the morning. See how the color is changing on the berries. This is only about 1 hour after picking. I picked about a quart of berries today.And finally, since I did mention that Eric was out at the Bethel Shooting Range, I thought I should include a picture of the range. Isn't it a beautiful thing? You would think with all of the hunters around here that they would have a better range. This "range" isn't even away from where they hunt. The pond on the left actually had geese hunter on it they other night!
Well, I hope you all had a great Labor Day. I will be heading back to work tomorrow. My free days/times is over for now. Catch you all later.

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