Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Right day, wrong time

Well, just like last year, I guessed the right day of the river break up but the wrong time. Last year I was 5 hours too early, this year I was about 5 hours too late. The jackpot was around $6,000. Guess this means I just have to try again next year. There's a big Break Up Bash tomorrow night down by the river. They usually have a band playing, but this year there are currently no bands in Bethel. They are also giving away free hotdogs. I doubt we will go down to it. There is usually alot of people, especially kids, running around at things like this without parental control.

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Leath said...

Thanks for posting comments on my blog (and your sister only beat you to posting by a minute :)) Cody says to post a picture of your fat cat (i.e. Chubbs) when you have time!