Friday, May 23, 2008

Blanket for Brady and other stuff

Well, now that I have the official word that Alethea has gotten the gift for Brady, I can post a picture for the rest of you to see. I originally had a different design in mind, but I wasn't feeling it. I searched around for a long time to find the perfect design and I findally found it. Now, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

And here is the card I made.

There were a couple of ladies at work that had birthdays yesterday, so I made them the following cards. I just love this background stamp.


Karen said...

I love the blanket. How adorable. The cards are very nice as well. What kind of stamps are you using? Wood or magnetic?

Leath said...

The blanket is awesome!!! Corey tried to claim it... but the boys were not going to give it up! Cody has taken to being the "protector" of Brady's things, so Corey got a good chewing out when he told Cody he was going to take the blanket :)