Saturday, May 03, 2008

In My Thoughts

This is just going to be a quick post for a few of my friends out there. Some with good news and some with not so good news. First let me start out by asking everyone to pray for my friend Rachael. I went to grade school with Rachael before she moved away. We got back into touch in college and have stayed in touch since. About 10 years ago Rachael struggled with melanoma. She had remained cancer free until this past November. She was again diagnosed with melanoma right after she had her daughter Makayla. Unfortunately the past 6 months have been a battle and it isn't looking good. Rachael's husband Isaac has been updating a blog about her struggles and it's to a point where they are making her comfortable. The melanoma got into her blood stream and spread throughout her body. They are only giving her a couple of weeks. This is so sad. She is so young and has so much to live for. It's really not fair. She's only 31 and shouldn't have to be going through this. So, everyone, please pray for Rachael, Isaac and Makayla.

Also, my friend Karen has been struggling through IVF treatments for the past few weeks and just found out that it did not take. Rich (her husband) and her have been trying so hard and this is devastating news. Please pray for them.

Now, for some happy news. A big congrats to my friend Alethea. She and her husband Corey welcome Brady William into the world yesterday morning. He is joining big brother Cody. I wish you all the best and I cannot wait to see the little guy!

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Karen Jackson said...

My struggles seem so minor in comparison to Rachel and her family. My prayers are with them.

Thank you Amy.