Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Trip to Anchorage

Well, I finally got to see something other than the airport in Anchorage. I headed in on a Thursday morning and got to Anchorage about 11:00am. Eric still had his conference going on until 5:00pm so I ended up sitting through some of the talks. Good thing my friend Letty was there. She's a wildlife biologist for the state. Thursday night we went to eat at Applebees. What a change of pace of restaurants then we are used to. After eating supper, we did a little exploring. The mountain views were beautiful and I thought that I would take pictures on Friday or Saturday.

Friday, April 25
I wake up and I hear what I think is rain coming down outside. So, I get up and look outside. To my horror, it is snowing big, heavy, wet snowflakes. I'm thinking that it will let up later in the day and I'll be able to get a few pictures. Yeah, right. It snow constantly all day long. By the end of the day, we had almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. We did get a bunch of errands done. We also got to see our first movie at a movie theater in a long time. We saw Harold and Kumar - Escape from Guatanamo Bay. NOT RECOMMENDED! It was definitely not what we expected.

Saturday, April 26
The snow finally decided to quit, but it was overcast the whole day. So no mountain pictures. More running around was done today.

Sunday, April 27
Time to head back to Bethel. Of course the sun was out today. I wasn't able to get any pictures before we had to leave. Bummer!

That was my Anchorage trip in a few paragraphs. We are hoping to plan more trips to do more fun things in the future.

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