Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, I have no kids this week and I am enjoying my time away from the. We have another group coming in on Sunday but until then I will enjoy the freedom. I have to work tomorrow but because of the July 4th holiday I have Wednesday and Thursday off and I have built up enough comp time to take Friday off so I get a 5 day weekend.

Eric and I ordered a few shirts and pants to try to decide on groomsmen and groom outfit and I think we have made a decision. Here's what the Groomsmen will be wearing.
And here is what the groom will be wearing (except he will be wearing black pants, not BROWN!). The shirt has a pinstripe towards the from of the collar and match ones of the cuffs.
Here's a picture of all the the wedding attire together.
Well, I better get going. I'm almost done with all of the invites. They should go out in the mail this week. I'm excited to get them off the table and in the mail. One less thing to worry about. I'll write more later ~ Amy

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