Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We Finally Hit 70!

Well, I think summer is officially here. Yesterday we hit 70 degrees and today we were 77. It was almost too hot. Actually it was too hot. We road our bikes into town to check out the small festivities at Pinky's Park. They were selling some food, jewelery and had some music but that was it. We managed to stay maybe 1/2 hour before we decided to leave. We had one of the guys Eric works with come over for supper. We won't have any fireworks because the sun doesn't set until 12:28 am.

We have some exciting news for the YK Delta. Mike Rowe from Discovery Channels Dirty Jobs will be here doing some work on the Tundra. Every one from Eric's work is invited to go over to one of the managers houses to hang out with the crew from the show on Monday night. I'll keep you posted.

I will be finishing up wedding invites tomorrow and should be able to get them into the mail on Friday. I'll be glad to get those done but kinda sad because I've enjoyed working on them. Well it's 9:20 pm so I think I will get going so I can surf the web a little more before I go to bed. Later ~ Amy

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