Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At first I was afraid...................But I survived!

Well, I sent the final group of kids packing yesterday and it feels great!!!!! It's so tough to deal with high school kids. That is definitely one of my least favorite age groups. The younger kids don't get as bored as fast as the older kids and the older kids need a lot more supervision then the younger kids. We had 24 kids and ended up having 3 couples that I know of forming over the 10 days. Now that we are done with camps I will spend a couple of weeks wrapping things up and getting ready for the new grant period come September.

RSVPs are coming in the mail daily. We have been getting about 5 a day. Thank you to all that have sent them back. Those that haven't - where are they!!!!! Just kidding. You still have time. I'll be heading back south on August 15. I'll be in Minnesota for a few days and then back home. I have to go to Brookings to finalize a few details for the wedding.

Well, I'm going to go. I took today off to recuperate and try to get my cough under control. Last week I almost lost my voice for a few days. That sucked especially when I had to raise my voice to the kids.

Catch you all later ~ Amy

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Karen Jackson said...

How are you doing up there? Has the Crazines settled down at all from your camps? Now, for the fun of getting towards the fun celebrations of the wedding..