Saturday, June 23, 2007

2 Down 3 To Go

Well, I finished my second camp yesterday and I'm happy to say I survived! This past week we had just over half of the kids return from last year and let me tell you they were a handful. The camps themselves went much more smooth then last week. I'm hoping they each get a little better. The first week we had all the students stay even though we had a few homesick kids. This week, we had 2 that didn't show up and 3 that went home sick (not homesick).

As far as wedding things go, I'm almost done with the invites. I have to do a few more things with the envelopes but they should be ready for the mail in a few days. I think we have found the groomsmen outfits. Here's what we are thinking.
We are still debating on what Eric is going to be wearing. He'd like to try to find a black shirt with white collars and cuffs. I'll keep you posted on that. Well, I better get back to the laundry. I have to get most of my weekend stuff done today because I'll have to work late tomorrow afternoon and evening. Later ~ Amy

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