Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rings, Curves and Work

Sunlight update ~ 8 hrs and 28 minutes

For those of you that haven't seen the engagement ring yet, here is what it almost looks like. The only real difference is that mine has 4 little chips down each side. Eric did a pretty good job picking it out all by himself ;)

I've been signing up for free catalogs (invitations, favors, etc) to get ideas for the wedding. There's so many ideas out there. I've also been checking out different forums to get ideas. It's amazing what some people are doing.

Well, I stopped by the local Curves yesterday and I will be starting to go there on Friday. I need to tone up a bit for the wedding. For those of you that don't know what Curves is, it is a gym specifically for women. It's a 1/2 hour workout that touches on all different areas of the body. It uses hydraulic resistance, so you use your own strength/body weight. I'll keep you all posted on how it's going!

Well, not much else is going on here. We are still trying to unfinish packing. I get my own craft room which is great. Working is going good. I have a year end report that is due the end of November for the past year of the Talent Search program. For those of you that don't have any clue what I do or what Talent Search is, check out our website:

I'm in charge of the grant, which includes putting together 6-7 week long summer camps (instructors, program leaders, etc), contacting schools/students that may be interested in the camps and writing reports. I'm also involved in helping out a couple of other camps. This keeps me busy. I'm in the process right now of trying to get information from school on this past summer's participants. That's a challenge in itself!

I'll check in with all of you when something interesting happens! ~ Amy

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