Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Sunlight update ~ 8 hrs and 39 minutes.


Today at work we are having a little party this afternoon. Yeah, free snacks, you can't beat that. A few of the ladies dressed up and they looked awesome. I was going to, but did have enough time to put into coming up with a good costume. I didn't want to do it if I couldn't give it 100%. Next year though, watch out. I'm going to get that Best Costume award. We had the Math instructor dress like a hippie, our director dress like a dracula (actually she only did the cape), one of the student works dressed like a Geisha, but the best was the lady that won. She deserved it. She had gotten an old lady mask somewhere and dress up like an elder. With her hunched over walk, she was really believeable. As much as I want to had out candy to the littles one tonight, it won't be happening. We just can't afford to buy the candy. The big bags you can get at walmart for like $8 or $9, they want $17-$20 for here at the grocery stores! We have quite a few kids in our neighborhood too, so that would add up fast.

Well, back to work for a few hours and then it's party time! Talk to you all soon ~ Amy

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