Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm Going to College

*****Sidenote - Just realized that I started this post on April 8 and never got around to posting it.

Well, actually I've been to college already and I've been working at colleges for longer than I can remember. Okay, I remember, but I've always worked at colleges so it seems like forever. Anyways............2 1/2 weeks ago today, I (my program) helped to host an I'm Going to College program for 4 different 6th grade classes here in town. A total of 64 kids came to the college to learn about different careers.

The kids were supposed to get piggy banks with a penny in them as a start to their college savings. Unfortunately there wasn't enough money in the budget to actually purchase the piggy banks, so I came up with a clever idea for a "nest egg" for the kids. Here's how they turned out. This is actually the matchbox die cut for the Big Shot from Stampin' Up.

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