Sunday, April 05, 2009

DU Banquet

I hear $150, who will give me $175.

Well, it didn't raise as much as I would have liked, but neither did alot of the other auction items. The main competition to my afghan was a Flannel quilted quilt. Usually the quilts go for over $300, but last night the quilt only went for $225. With that being said, my DU afghan went for $150. One of my good friends and her husband actually bought it. Their 9 year old son put claims on it before they were out the door. I know it will be well used and cared for. Now, it's time to get busy working on the basketball one I'm doing for cash. I think I have all of the yarns I need, so it's just getting started.

Well, supper should be here soon. We decided to order out since Eric leaves for Fairbanks tomorrow.

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