Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Mighty Hunter

Well, I picked up the mighty hunter tonight from the airport. He came back with more then he left so that's a good thing. I think. No it is. He was successful in the hunt. Muskox hunt that is. He was out on Nunivak Island since Saturday morning. They were finally able to get out yesterday morning and happened upon a small herd of about 16 muskox. So, without further ado, here is the results of that hunt.

And what, you ask is he going to do with the big prehistoric looking animal? Mount it, of course. You really didn't even need to ask. Actually he is going to make a full size rug out of it including the head. Here is how it will look.

Of course, he brought all of the meat back. Good thing it's only 5 degrees outside. We can keep the meat outside until this weekend when we have the time to cut it up and package it. Muskox is supposed to be really good meat. People have said that it is comparable to beef. If that is the case, it should be similar to elk and caribou, which we have a freezer full of. Well, I will be signing off now. Catch you all later.


mom said...


What do you get for letting Eric go hunting? Don't let him tell you it's a rug or some meat. You should get something good too. Tell him I said so


Karen Jackson said...

Congrats. Eric reminds me of Grizzley adams. I bet he is having a blast. Won't the cats love the rug..

Karen Jackson said...
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