Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally some crochet!

Here's a blanket I finished last month, but I didn't want to post any pictures until the recipient received it. Little Ian Maples received it last week and so here it is. The is probably one of my most favorite afghans. I am currently working on a cartoon moose for one of the guys in the State Fish & Game Office who's wife had a little boy last week. In the works for future projects are an airplane blanket of some sort for one of the pilots that works with Eric. Isaac and his wife are expecting a boy in June. I have ladybug ghan to make for little Iris Maples. Sarah and Jon recently got back from Guatalamala with Iris. Then a blanket for Alethea and Corey's little one - oh wait, she reads this so I can't go into detail on that one. Sorry Leath, you are going to have to wait just like everyone else :)

I'm not only making blankets though, this semester I am also teaching an introductory crochet class. I have 7 adults and 1 kid in the class. Most of them had no experience with crochet. Some of them are moving along fast, others are still working on the main chain and turning. I have classes on Tuesday evenings. We were suppose to start last week, but unfortunately I had got a cold and almost lost my voice. This made it impossible to teach class, so we start this week and will go for the next 3 weeks. 4 classes total. I can't believe how fast the time flew by in class.
I was planning on finishing the moose blanket last night, but the kitties had other ideas. Chubbs kept trying to sit in my lap, but I would slowly nudge him off. Skeeter on the other hand is not a lap kitty, so when she climbed in my lap and curled up I had to let her stay. Chubbs is currently in my lap trying to help me type. He loves to be in the middle of things. Well, this is getting hard to type with one hand so I'll gone for now and type more later.

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Sam said...

Hi I was on google and found your yin yang crochet piece. I'm a beginner at crochet and can only really do a straight line without knots. I'm in the middle of making almost this exact piece(colors and all) but without dragons. It's sad, I started a round then just keep making lines smaller and smaller to get a point. It's tight and has knots,lol, nothing to you're amazing piece. My name's Pamela and my email is if you could give me any pointers I would really appecriate it. This is so amazing.