Friday, February 22, 2008

This Weekends Adventures

Well, I have big plans for this weekend. First of all, I found out that there is a Digi Scrap Treasure Hunt going on. 42 different designers will have free stuff throughtout their blogs and stores. They only problem is that you have to search for them, download them and then unzip them to find the next clue. That's going to eat up alot of my download MB, but the 25th is the end of the month so I need to use it up.

Tomorrow will be sent hopefully search the world wide web for these goodies. I also have a friend here who is wanting to get rid of some of her stamps that she doesn't use for cheap and is giving me first dibs. I will probably do that tomorrow also.

Sunday I will have the opportunity to stamp again. We have our next group get together and I'm excited to see what's in store. I've become addicted to stamping and have ordered a few things off ebay and am planning on putting in a little order through Stampin Up.

Eric is supposed to be leaving for the Yukon River tomorrow to do Moose counts. They were suppose to go out earlier this week but weather has kept him grounded. Tomorrow is suppose to clear up and they shoud be able to fly.

Well, I will sign off for now and I'll write more later.

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