Monday, February 04, 2008

Hometown Boys

We happened to be flipping through channels on Saturday afternoon when we stopped on Channel 38. We stopped on the channel because we saw a familiar face and heard a familiar name. What was that name you might ask? The name was Brock - Brock Lesnar. Former WWE wrestler. You see, channel 38 is SPIKE TV, home of the (UFC) Ultimate Fighting Championship. Brock had a pay per view match on Saturday night. It cost $44.95 for the fight. Eric and I thought about getting it, but decided against it when we found out the cost. Good thing. Brock was done in 90 seconds. He lost by submission to his opponent.

Now, why you may be asking, why did I entitle this post Hometown Boys. Well, Brock Lesnar grew up around my home town. He went to school in Webster and was a pretty good wrestler throughout high school. I knew him by association through a friend (thanks Kristi ;) It's always cool to see someone you know/knew achieve this kind of success. (raise your glass) Here's to the little people.



Raquel said...

Here's to the "little people"? Have you seen him recently? LOL! He was also a very good wrestler in college at the UofM. He even had his own music and lights to come out to. Pretty big production went on I guess.

Karen Jackson said...

We got the PPV. HE did very well for himself. I prefer him in MMA than WWE