Saturday, January 19, 2008

If the House is Rockin'

You must live in Bethel. We get one good day of warm temperatures (39 was today's high) and the wind picks up like a son of a gun. Currently we have south winds 25 to 40 mph, closer to the 40 mph, with gusts to 60 mph. Since our house is up of the ground, we get rockin' when the wind blows. Earlier tonight, I was sitting in the bedroom folding laundry and I looked into the closet and saw the clothes swaying. Too bad we can't capture the wind/rockin/swaying with pictures. Although its dark and I probably wouldn't be able to get a good one anyways.

Well, Eric and I are going to watch Rush Hour 3, so I'll chat with you all later.

K300 update - Mitch Seavey (the musher we helped) is currently up to 5th place, while the 18/19 year old Rohn Buser is in first. Plus he still has all 14 of his dogs! Not too many mushers at this point in the race have all of their dogs still. Dogs are always left at checkpoints to fly back to Bethel.

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