Friday, January 11, 2008

Going, going, gone

The temperature that is. Can it possibly get any colder? We seem to have dug ourself in a hole and can't get out. We have not been above zero in I don't know how long. Todays high was -19, factor in the windchill and you are looking at -40!!!! And to make matters worse, our block heater isn't working in the truck. Since it's been so cold the cord/plug got pretty stiff and ended up breaking a wire in it. We think we may have shorted it out, but won't find out until Monday. Auto shops are ridiculuosly (sorry for the spelling error) hard to get in to in the winter. We have an appointment for Jan. 23! All of this means I am running outside to start the truck up every couple of hours to make sure it still starts since I have the truck during the day.

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