Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heat Wave

Whoa! We're having a heat wave. It's currently 31 above! We went from at least 15 below yesterday morning to 31 degrees today. That's a change of over 45 degrees in a 24-36 hour period. We actually had a blizzard warning until about noon today. The way the wind is blowing now I think they should have kept it.

It's a good thing we have the warm-up. The K300 starts Friday night and it probably would have been too cold for the dogs if it didn't. Hopefully it doesn't go above freezing though because that would make much for the dogs and sleds. Not fun!

We will get to see a nice fireworks display on the night of the race. We only get to see fireworks twice a year - during the K300 and New Years Eve. Otherwise it's too light during the summer.

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Karen Jackson said...

Very nice on the warm weather. Did you go swiming in the pond? LOL. Hey, how did you get your cool graphics on your blog page? I want a pretty one.