Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wedding Details Coming Together

For those of you that want a quick "light" update, we are up to around 14 1/2 hours of sunlight. The sun has started to come up around 7:30 am and sets around 10:30 pm. It's funny how easily your body can adjust to the longer days than the shorter days.

Okay, we have finally got most of the plans together for the wedding. The wedding party is all on board. Eric has chosen 4 of his buddies. These are listed in no particular order yet: Jeremy Duckwitz, Josh Miller, Brett Amdor and Kevin Monteith. The lucky ladies paired up with these guys are Wendy Finnegan (my sister), Alethea Caraway (my best friend), Shawnda Hildebrande (Eric's cousin) and junior bridesmaid Brinley Mathern (Eric's niece). Bridesmaids dresses have been ordered and almost everyone has gotten theirs. Still trying to decide on what the groomsmen will be wearing. I found another dress and have put in an order. If all goes well, I should have it in 2-3 weeks. Here's a picture of the dress.
For flowers I think we are going with something simple. Calla lily bouquets is what I'm thinking. Along those lines, I am thinking that the details for the cupcakes will be Calla Lilies also.

I am in the process of ordering paper for the invitations. They are going to be simple pocketfolds. We've got a pretty hefty guestlist going as of right now.

Well it's time for me to start making super so I will talk to you all later ~ Amy

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