Sunday, April 08, 2007

Flashback to the Past

Okay, I'm not sure how many of you readers out there will remember this, but the other day when Eric and I were at the grocery store we saw some bottles of Clearly Canadian! I didn't realize that they made this stuff anymore. It makes you wonder if it is still a popular drink or if it is just that slow to work it's way up to this area!

Happy Easter to everyone out there. Not much happens here on Easter. Yesterday there was an easter egg hunt for the kids but that's about it. We didn't even get Good Friday off.

The kitten (who we have officially named Skeeter) had her first vet visit yesterday. She got a booster, wormer and the rabies vaccine. Next month she will be spayed and declawed. Poor girl. She's my little sweetie though. She sleeps above my head on my pillow. There's been a few times when she would stretch out and end up with her head on my shoulder.

On other note, we have a new pet for a few weeks. Once again we are dog-sitting for Sadie. It's been an interesting few days for Sadie and the kitten. They are starting to finally warm up to each other. Chubbs on the other hand is not warming up to Sadie yet. He will sit in the middle of the hallway and won't let Sadie into the living room. She's too scared to do anything about it.
Well, it's about time to feed Sadie so I'll sign off for now. I promise I'll do a wedding/crochet update soon!~Amy

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