Sunday, April 22, 2007

April Showers bring May Potholes??????

Well, I know it isn't May just yet, but the other day when Eric and I were driving around we noticed so may new potholes in the road. The thawing with the rain is starting to cause major potholes in the only paved road in the city. It's like a regular rollercoaster between swerving to miss potholes and the heaves that the thawing is causing. I was going to take some pictures yesterday to show all of you what I mean, but apparently the city must have known because they have filled in all of the potholes!

On another note, last week Eric finished collaring his moose. They darted 38 cows and calves. They gave them beautiful neon orange necklaces to wear. It took them all week to get these collared. As far as his taxidermy goes, he ordered a Fleshing Machine to help with the hides. He sent in the hides of his lynx, rabbits and foxes to get tanned. Once he gets them back he should be able to start on mounting some of them.

I ordered some paper samples to try to get the invitations worked out. I have to get these done within the next month because once June rolls around I won't have any time to do them, let alone think :-) I have Raquel on a mission to find me some yarn. I won't say what it's for, that's a surprise ;-) I'm hoping the dress I ordered will be in the mail soon. I'm excited to see how it looks.

Signing off for now ~ Amy

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