Saturday, March 17, 2007

Life In Alaska (Bethel to be exact!)

Not much has been happening in the big city of Bethel. A couple of weeks ago we did receive a 100 gal oil voucher for free. The oil company Citgo from Venezuela for some reason or another gave Alaska a bunch of free oil. When oil is almost $4.50/gal and you run through it like water you don't ask why you are getting it. You just take it and be glad that you are getting the support from somewhere. We are probably already through most of that 100 gals. Temperatures in the morning when going to work have been below zero (usually 5-10 below). They warm up to about 5-10 above by the time we get home from work.

We are up to 12 hours of sunlight. Sun comes up around 8:30 am and sets about 8:30 pm, but we can still see outside until 9:00 pm. I was actually enjoying going to work in the light then congress had to do the early time change, so we will be going to work in the dark for at least another week, maybe two.

I'm staying busy with work. I've been going to talk at the High School and Middle schools about our summer camps. That has been fun. I enjoy getting out and talking with these kids, especially the 5th to 8th graders. The college is wrapping up it's Spring Break week. Staff actually got yesterday off. That was a nice change. Eric has been keeping buys with work. The past couple of days he was in Hooper Bay, a small village along the coast of Alaska. Tomorrow he is leaving to do some Fox trapping with a couple of the guys from work for work, so he's relaxing today and taking it easy.

For those that are curious about wedding details, we have finally booked a reception/dance location for the wedding. It will be at the Staurolite Inn. It ended up being cheaper for both rental and food. I am in the process of getting a block of rooms reserved. Once that is done, I'll let the wedding party and family know so they can get reservations made. I've been searching high and low online to try to find a bridesmaid dress I could tolerate that wasn't ungodly expensive to no avail until yesterday. I thought I found the perfect Bridesmaid dresses but I wanted to ask Eric his opinion before I did anything. Last night when he got home I showed the 2 dresses to him and he actually liked them, so I thought today I would go online and order one of each to see which one I liked better in person. Yeah, great plan but unfortunately for some reason the website is not coming up! I hope it's just a temporary glitch! It better be. I hate to think I have to start the search all over again. Poor computer probably feels the same! As for my dress, I have decided to order one. I've tried to find a pattern that I liked, but the ones I found that I likes, I didn't like once I started making them. I should probably order that here soon, but I'm trying to decide on the size to order. I've put on a little weight since we moved up here and I have been trying to lose it. The smaller size will be a little snug, but I think the larger size is just going to be too big and since it's a halter dress, I don't think it can be altered right. Who knows! Well, I'm going to get this published before I forget. If your lucky maybe I'll write more today or tomorrow! ~ Amy

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