Monday, March 05, 2007

Addition to the Family

Well, I guess I know better now for letting Eric go to Anchorage unsupervised. He brought us home a little kitty. She is a feisty little thing. Eric likes to call her a squirrel. Apparently she's an escape artist. She somehow got out of the kennel on the airplane and was wondering around. She loves to pounce around like any little kitten. It's okay, but she turned on the alarm last night and it went off at midnight!!!! Here's a couple of pictures of her. Chubbs and her are still getting to know each other. Since she still has claws, he doesn't get too close. He did hold her down the other day and clean her a little.I think it's good for Chubbs to have another around. It gives him something to chase and keeps him company during the day while we're gone. Well, it's getting closer for bedtime. I'll keep you all posted on the new kitty. This weekend I'll do a post all about wedding plans! I know, some of you are thinking it's about time.

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Karen Jackson said...

Very cute addition.

I have added my blog finally.

Talk to you soon.