Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cardmaking with Preschoolers

The Little Red School House Preschool has a auction every year during December to try to raise money for the preschool. This year I was asked to help (actually lead) the preschooler in some cardmaking with stamping. They want to auction off the cards that the kids make. Well, today was the day! There was about 10 kids and only myself and the preschool teacher. Yikes! I was told that there were going to be some parents or more helpers available. That would have kept us a little more organized, but actually it was alot of fun. Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying themselves.Here is a picture of a couple of the "final" products. These are they types of creations that only a family member could love. Or someone who loves the craft of stamping and cardmaking! Hopefully these cards make alot of money for the preschool.Finally, here is a picture of the 10 little cardmakers. Some of them were really into it and some didn't want to do it at all.
One thing I did learn is that if you are going to be working with preschoolers, make sure you have everything cute ahead of time!!!!! I need to spend more time with the nieces and nephews to learn what to do! Well, hopefully you all will enjoy this pictures. The auction is this Friday and I'm hoping to make it. Maybe I'll have more pictures.

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