Monday, August 04, 2008

23 hours and counting

Well, in about 23 hours, I will be on a flight to Anchorage to start my journey home. By 11:30 am my time, I will be on a flight to Minneapolis. I should in Minneapolis at 7:50 pm central time. I will be on the plane for about 5 hours. I'm planning on stopping by the library today to see what kind of books I can find. I'm also looking into a few audiobooks to put on my mp3 player. Since Eric won't part with the laptop, I'm looking into borrowing a portable DVD player from one of the guys Eric works with. I suppose I should probably start packing the suitcase. I have most of my stuff laying out, I just need to put it in the suitcase. I feel like I'm forgetting things, but then I remember that the last time I went home, I had a bunch of wedding stuff I was taking home with me. This time it's just clothes. Also, it's only for 3 weeks and not 2 months!

I'm hoping you have some warm weather down in South Dakota and Minnesota. We are sitting at 48 degrees this morning. I don't think we have gotten above 60 degrees for most of the summer. I'm tired of the cool, dreary weather.

Well, I need to go pack. Talk to you all later!

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