Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free for the Taking

No, I'm not talking about puppies or kitties. I've got 21 students ages 11-13 that are ready for the taking. We've had nothing but struggles with these kids since they came in on Sunday. Monday we had to give them a stearn taking to twice. On Tuesday we had to talk to them again because one of them took a few dollars in tips that the local coffee cart had. Today I actually yelled at them! I've never yelled at any of my camp kids. I felt so bad doing it, but we have about 6-8 of them that just aren't listening. As of right now, they have their shopping privledges taken away from them. I will be so glad when Friday gets here. They starting leaving about 11:30 am for check-ins at the airport. I'm looking forward to next week.

Speaking of next week, I have the opportunity to go up to a Yukon River village with Eric and the Fish and Wildlife Service. My Program Leaders will be in charge of our camp kids on Monday-Thursday afternoon. I'm going to see if we can collaborative with the Native groups that are hosting these camps with my summer camps. We can't afford to continue doing what we have been doing with the way costs have risen.

Okay - I know this isn't the best map, but Alaska's so big I couldn't do it with any better of a map unless it was huge!!!! The smiley face represents Anchorage. The X marks the spot where Bethel is (that is where we live :) ). The star represents Marshall where Eric and I will be going. I'm going to take the digital so I will hopefully get plenty of pictures. This will be the first time I will be travelling to one of the villages so I'm excited about that. I'll post something about this trip late next week when we get back.

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