Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring where are you?

Borrowing the subject title from my sister, Spring - where are you????? Well, we definitely don't have it here. Temperatures are okay, hovering around freezing, but we got snow yesterday and today the winds are blowing pretty hard. It's nice to see the temperatures where they are considering it was -9 on Friday morning.

I had the opportunity to help out the Girl Scouts Women in Science yesterday afternoon. I did a little microscope work with them. At the elementary level here, students don't get to do anything with microscopes in there science classes so they had a blast looking at the pond water samples and the paramecium. I was having fun doing science with kids again.

On a sad note, my friend Letty will be leaving us soon. She applied for a biologist position in Nome and recently found out that they wanted her. Letty, what will I do without you!!!!!! I guess I might have to take a trip to Nome!

Well, I have a sweet little kitty sitting in my lap so I shall say farewell for now to enjoy my baby!

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