Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Summer

Well, summer has officially started up here. Two weeks ago we had two days that were around 71. That's really warm for this time of year. Usually we are in the low 60's, like today. I am onto my third week of camp kids. The first week went pretty good, except for a student missing her flight (it was all my fault). I had the wrong leaving time on our travel sheets. I had her flight at 5:00 pm and it was actually 4:00 pm. She had to spend the night because that was the last flight to the village for both airlines that service the village for the day. Week 2 started off quiet and slow, but once the kids got to know each other they were a great bunch. We are on to week 3 and everything is going good this week. The students are really getting along good even though they are from 8 different villages. This week will be the first time that we have a few returning students. Cross your fingers that it goes well. Well, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my evening before I have to go into work tomorrow.

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