Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July (on the 5th!)

So how was everyones 4th of July? The City of Bethel puts on a parade and festivities on the local park. Vendors have booths and there's a little stage for entertainment. The big thing in Bethel are rippies. There was 3 booths yesterday that were selling them and there is always a constant line. All the local restaurants have food booths and then there is miscellaneous booths with native crafts. Of course, I can't forget the booth with fireworks and silly string. By fireworks, I mean the little snaps that you throw on the ground. I can only imagine how many box they go through of snaps and silly string. It seems like every kids we saw had a can of silly string and there were signs of many more empty cans lying around on the ground.
After all that excitement, I spent some of the evening with my stamp group ladies. We started playing around with the Stampin Up Watercolor Pencils and Water Crayons. I like the colorpencils better than the crayons, but the crayons are starting to become fun.
Well, that was a summary of our 4th. My freedom from the kids is only hours away. We bring in our 4th group tomorrow afternoon. It will be interesting to see how well behaved these kids will be.
Later gators!

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Leath said...

OK, I have to ask, what are "rippies"?