Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paris on the Kuskokwim

Sunlight update: Sunrise 9:51 am, sunset 6:05 for about 8 hours and 15 minutes of daylight.

One of the guys Eric works with let us borrow a CD that has songs on it about the Bethel area. Boy are they funny, but so true. The guys name that put the CD together is Michael Faubion and the CD is entitled "Paris on the Kuskokwim". By going to this website you'll be able to listen to a few of the songs from the CD. I would check out the lyrics and listen to a few of the songs, especially "Water Day". Just to let you in to our world a little, the picture below is of our garage with our water and sewer tank. We have the city come by twice a week to fill up the water and pump the sewer. Pretty sophistocated aren't we!!! We are pretty lucky that our tanks are in lethe garage and don't freeze up. Some people still have their tanks outside and are line/covered with that spray foam stuff to try to keep them from freezing. Once we start to get more light I'll get out and take more pictures.

Well, last week we set high record temperatures on a couple of days. Tuesday (or was it Wednesday) we had a high of 47 degrees. It's funny because I guess one year ago temperatures were around 30 below. For the past couple of days we have been sitting comfortably in the mid to high 20s.

I'm getting ready to go to Vegas for a few days for some work related training. I'll be leaving Saturday night on the red eye. I'll be in Vegas until early Wednesday morning and then I'll send all day Wednesday on planes! I'll try to get some good Vegas pictures and post them when I get back. I'm excited because the conference is at the Riviera Hotel and Casino which is on the Strip. I'm hoping to get pictures of some of the more famous hotels (Bellagio, Treasure Island, MGM, etc).

Chubbs has found a new hobby - playing with Q-tips. He thinks they are the greatest thing in the world. See what I mean!

He also thinks all of my yarn is his! Nice pillow!

Well, I better get going. I'll update you all soon ~ Amy

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Raquel said...

47!!!! We are way cold here. I think we might reach 8 today:)
Have fun in Vegas!!!